Molly Plushie & Escape to the Mesa Bundle - Signed

Get a signed copy of the second installment of the Wild Rescuers series plus Molly, who is a featured character in the book! Molly also comes with an adoption certificate autographed by Stacy.

About Molly:

Molly was named Diva before Stacy adopted her. As it turns out, the name Diva fits Molly's personality quite well, which is why the Molly plushie wears a shiny tiara. She prefers to spend most of her time sleeping.

  • Includes signed adoption certificate
  • Approx. 9.5" tall

About the book:

The second installment in the New York Times bestselling series!

From YouTube gamer StacyPlays comes the exhilarating sequel to her Minecraft-inspired adventure novel about a girl raised by wolves.

Stacy would do anything to protect the Taiga where she lives with the pack of intelligent wolves who raised her. But when humans start to encroach on their forest, their only choice is escape to a place no Arctic wolf has gone before: the desert.

The Mesa, with its canyons, snakes, and coyotes, will be like nothing the pack has ever seen. Even in this unfamiliar territory, Stacy is determined to rescue animals in need.

But as she and her wolves face new dangers and old secrets, Stacy can’t help but wonder—where does she truly belong?

Every copy is autographed by Stacy! Unfortunately, they cannot be personalized.

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