StacyPlays Mask 2-Pack

Protect your friends and loved ones with the help of both of Stacy's masks! This bundle includes one of each mask:

  • The "Friendly Mobs" mask, featuring Stacy's favorite friendly mobs: a wolf, a panda, red and arctic foxes, a ocelot, a turtle, and a pufferfish!
  • The "Stacy's Mesa" mask, featuring Stacy, Page and Molly, Milo the bat, a diamond pickaxe, a cactus, a bucket of milk, a fossil, and a dead bush!

Artwork by Kristine B.

Please note, these face masks are NOT intended for medical purposes. Click here to read the CDC's latest mask recommendations and guidelines.

Material: Cotton
Sizing: (measurements from ear loop to ear loop)

  • Small: 11.5" wide x 5.25" tall
  • Medium: 12" wide x 5.25" tall
  • Large: 14.5" wide x 6" tall

Stacy is wearing a size L!

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