iHasCupquake x StacyPlays Accessory Bundle + Autographed Postcard

Get a Magical Keychain of Friendship, a Parkour Princess Pin, and a postcard autographed by Stacy and Tiff (iHasCupquake)!

About the Magical Keychain of Friendship:

This keychain is imbued with the magical power of Tiff and Stacy's friendship, forged through three challenging Diversity maps and countless other videos together.

  • 78x52.1mm
  • 4mm thick
  • PVC

About the Parkour Princess Pin:

If you've watched their Diversity series, you know that Stacy and Tiff weren't always Parkour Princesses, but hopefully by Diversity 3 they've earned that title. Or at least a pin.

  • Soft enamel
  • Rainbow iron plating
  • 2 black clutches
  • 1.5"

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