Page & Molly Plushie Bundle + Signed Adoption Certificate

"Page and Molly love you... go rescue a dog!"

These rescue-able stuffed animals resembling Stacy's dogs come with an adoption certificate autographed by Stacy.

Page (left) is the oldest of Stacy's real life pets. She is also Stacy's favorite, but don't tell Molly that. Page looks more like a fox than a dog and is incredibly intelligent. She is also a character in Stacy's first book, Wild Rescuers: Guardians of the Taiga

Molly (right) was named Diva before Stacy adopted her. As it turns out, the name Diva fits Molly's personality quite well, which is why the Molly plushie wears a shiny tiara. She prefers to spend most of her time sleeping.

  • Includes signed adoption certificate
  • Approx. 9.5" tall

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