iHasCupquake x StacyPlays Complete Bundle + Autographed Postcard


This bundle includes every item in the iHasCupquake x StacyPlays collection, plus an exclusive postcard signed by both Stacy and Tiff!

Parkour Princess Pin

If you've watched their Diversity series, you know that Stacy and Tiff weren't always Parkour Princesses, but hopefully by Diversity 3 they've earned that title. Or at least a pin.

  • Soft enamel
  • Rainbow iron plating
  • 2 black clutches
  • 1.5"

The Magical Keychain of Friendship

This keychain is imbued with the magical power of Tiff and Stacy's friendship, forged through three challenging Diversity maps and countless other videos together.

  • 78x52.1mm
  • 4mm thick
  • PVC

Pals 'n' Pets Tee

When Stacy and Tiff struggled through parts of the Diversity series (Elytra Branch, anyone?), their pets were always there to comfort and encourage them. Featuring blue-and-white stripes (naturally); Stacy with her pets: Molly, Milquetoast, and Pipsqueak; and Tiff with her pets: Ruby, Link, and Navi.


A collaboration with iHasCupquake. Additional stock may be available on their website!

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